News Posted On Saturday, October 13th 2012   At 12:28 pm
Open Atelier \'The Last Bowhead\'
20 & 21 October the studio where we are developing the shortfilm \'The last bowhead\' can be visited by the public.

You can also follow the project on Facebook/TheLastBowhead

News Posted On Wednesday, June 16th 2010   At 12:47 am
Docu / Animation project: Filomena
Plot Outline: Filomena is a docu shortfilm about Alzheimer’s disease within a family. This form of dementia is often called a family disease, because the chronic stress of watching a loved one slowly decline affects everyone.

If you wish to follow the project:

News Posted On Saturday, December 12th 2009   At 1:13 am
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

News Posted On Saturday, March 21st 2009   At 12:42 am
Kunstbende Brussels

Saturday 21 march 2009 @ KVS
animations at the award ceremony made by yours truly.

News Posted On Wednesday, February 25th 2009   At 9:18 pm
Odd Comics' "One Shot"
A comic collaboration between 24 different artists called "One Shot" just came out.
One of my works was part of this collaboration.
If you would like to get a copy, you can buy it through newgrounds.(click here)

News Posted On Saturday, February 21st 2009   At 6:53 pm
Hard Boiled Egg at Anima
'Hard Boiled Egg' will be screened at The Anima Festival in Brussels this Thursday 26 februari 2009 at 20u30 (Studio 1).

News Posted On Friday, February 20th 2009   At 6:49 am
House_of_mouse.exe at The One Minutes
If you live in Belgium be sure to go support 'House_of_mouse.exe' at 'The One Minutes'.
The animation has been selected to the final 10 in one of the categories (animation). This selection will be shown during the Belgian Open Grand Final on March 12 at 8 pm. at Cinema Sphinx in Ghent.

News Posted On Thursday, December 25th 2008   At 7:26 am
Christmas Pill selected for distribution on aniboom's partner channels
Thanks to Aniboom 'Christmas Pill' will be viewed by alot more people this christmas.
The animation can be seen on the front page of their site and their channel on youtube.

News Posted On Sunday, December 7th 2008   At 2:46 am
Wacom given by
Tom Fulp from was very generous by giving me a new wacom bamboo for christmas and making a front page post about my previous animations from the last 4 years. The community has been very kind to me and I hope to be more involved with their projects and colabs in the future.

Thank you very much Tom. I'l put the wacom to good use.

Read all about it here

News Posted On Friday, September 19th 2008   At 4:17 pm
Hard boiled egg is selected for the Holland animation film festival〈=nl⊂=&anim=&film=&letter=

The festival is in Utrecht Holland between 5 and 9 november. They always show great animations, so if you don't know what to do you can always go to the festival.

News Posted On Monday, August 25th 2008   At 11:28 pm
Hard boiled egg on 'Mini Minutes' Festival in Münster
Hi Everybody,

One of my most recent animations 'hard boiled egg' was selected to be shown the 30th of August on Mini Minutes in Münster (Germany). If you live in the neighborhood go take a look. I'l be there to check out the other animations as well. Hopefully we'll see eachother there.

The address is:
Warendorfer str. 45 D-48145 Münster

And here is a link of the program

The animation can also be seen on this site but to see it on a big screen with HD quality is a far greater experience. :)

News Posted On Sunday, June 29th 2008   At 3:24 am
Hard boiled egg wins daily feature
I'm very proud to announce that 'Hard boiled egg' has won daily first on (06/23/2008) and has been viewed over 31 000 times.
It was also ranked on 'Best of the week'.

Click here to view it on newgrounds

News Posted On Monday, March 24th 2008   At 5:23 am
Julio's Demo Reel 2008 wins Daily second on
Julio's animation demo reel recieved a positive feedback from the newgrounds audience and daily second award.

You can check out the demo by clicking HERE or the

Youtube link

Newgrounds link

News Posted On Monday, March 3rd 2008   At 8:44 pm
Newgrounds levels
I recently finished an interactive flash for a website called newgrounds. You can check the flash here.

The flash won a daily first award and was voted into the monthly top 5 of october 2007



News Posted On Monday, March 3rd 2008   At 8:43 pm
Site Online
Welcome to julio's portfolio site. If you got any questions feel free to contact me. CLICK HERE